The province of Quebec has a special place in our hearts because that is where we began our history. Beginning as a local initiative, it was our volunteers and local partners that allowed us to develop around the world as we are doing now.

Services for Quebec residents


Since the end of August 2020, the FGV has launched a new free service of prevention and awareness to various issues present on the web in the form of a server on the digital platform Discord. This new server, in addition to being a source of information and resources, is also a self-help and peer support community made up of passionate people who want to make the Internet a healthier and safer place for everyone.
Link (don’t forget to accept the code of conduct) :

In addition to the moderators, the server has three types of volunteer specialists:

with qualifications in social work


with qualifications in the field of education

with qualifications in the field of electronic sports


Some of our pratitioners are also streamers! Follow them on Twitch :

SonOffOdin :

QweebBoo :

ProtectionFactor (starting early 2021) :

Our channel (used for our projects) :

The Foundation's activities

What do we do in addition to the Discord server?

1. Conferences in schools and events
2. Helping NPOs adapt their services to the new digital realities
3. Participation in national initiatives related to awareness and prevention of cyber-bullying, cyber-addiction, etc.
4. Information and awareness booths
5. Creation of educational content

Stream on the position of women in the video game industry made during our project Gamers in Quarantine

Prevention workshops in day camps in the Montreal and Quebec City area. (Image of  Montreal Esports Academy day camps in 2018)

Exchanges with the RCPSQ, mobilization on behalf of the FQSE in the collective for a national suicide prevention strategy, participation in AQPS efforts and projects.

ShawiCon 2019 conference on cyberaddiction (over 230 youth).