Press release

Gamers in Quarantine: A temporary social platform dedicated to video games for young Quebecers during the school closure.

Discord. since Monday at noon.

Following the announcement of the confinement imposed on educational institutions, the Virtual Guardian Foundation has taken the initiative to create a forum around e-Sport, in order to keep young players active during the coming weeks and to share information, training and entertainment content on the theme of video games.

Gamers will therefore be invited to join the Discord channel to participate in recreational tournaments, spontaneous games, trainings, conferences and discussions on a variety of topics related to video games and electronic sports.

Esports coaches, moderators and even speakers will be available on the channel to supervise the event and enrich the experience of the participants.

Access to the server and its resources is free and open to all. It is available on the Gamers in Quarantine website:

> About the Virtual Guardian Foundation

Founded in 2018, the mission of the Virtual Guardian Foundation (VGF), a government-recognized charity, is to be a beacon on the Internet for people in distress and to promote the responsible use of digital technology:

About the Quebec E-Sports Federation 

Founded in 2016, the mission of the Fédération québécoise de sports électroniques, through its leadership, is to ensure a synergy between its members and partners in order to foster athlete development and growth while promoting the healthy and responsible practice of electronic sports in Quebec: