We have a busy weekend in the greater Quebec City area!

Indeed, the Virtual Guardian Foundation (VGF) is first and foremost at LAN JDL.

What is the LAN JDL? It is a non-profit event created to bring together players who want to try a new experience and meet people. Friendly competition, gifts, music, on-site canteen and lots of fun are on offer. Website: https://www.lanjdl.ca

And that’s not all! One of our representatives is also at the Comiccon de Québec.

What is the Comiccon de Québec? Comiccon de Québec is an event for fans of popular culture where they have the chance to see a wide range of products from the world of entertainment: science fiction, horror, anime, video games in all their forms and, of course, comic strips and comic books. There is a wide variety of exhibitors, including companies displaying their wares, as well as vehicles or other highlights from films or television series. Website: https://www.comicconquebec.com

Beautiful projects in sight for the next editions of the two events. The year 2020 is already looking very busy!